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What is so special?

Elestore is very special in many aspects and features. We concentrate here on the most important:

Elestore focuses on paper and e-paper

Today, most CMS primarily care about HTML and they typically neglect paper and e-paper, which are still the most dominant information media in most industries. In Elestore the primary emphasis is equally on paper and e-paper with HTML and Flash to follow. Flash represented by Elecat is our primary topic in 2009 and thereafter.

Elestore is fully multi-lingual

The world is multi-lingual and so it Elestore. Textual content is stored in any number of languages. Each text object is an entity regardless of any language and capable of presenting itself in any of its languages. This makes switching content to another language a matter of a second and this is one of the most important features of Elepub.

Data inheritance

Elestore provides a new and fundamentally important feature: data inheritance for application data. For example, an article can inherit most of its attributes and values from its ancestor articles, typically from its one mother object. This is true both for attribute structures (number and types of fields) as well as for the attribute values. Several or many articles of the same type will have most of their attributes in common and inherit them from their common mother article. They differ only in a few attributes (size, color etc.) and these are overwritten inside each article object with different values.

Inherited values can be overwritten on any level, i.e. each object can have its own values.

The concept of data inheritance is clearly superior to copying or referencing and it is a concept that is state-of-the art in software development. In Elestore we have made inheritance available to your data saving you enormous time and effort in organizing and administrating your product data. The same is true for Elepub, which also uses inheritance for its visualization objects (kind of templates).

Virtual data from your existing databases

Elestore also administrates virtual data from your existing databases avoiding data redundancy. Such data exists in Elestore only logically while it physically remains in your existing database. Through this feature Elepub has always one homogenous view and access to data from Elestore no matter where it is physically stored.

Fully integrated with Elepub

Elestore and Elepub are really twins. They can live without one another but they rarely ever would because they ideally complement one another (except for remote client or specialized Elestore installations where an autonomous use of Elestore is rather the rule).

Publishing without integrate Content Management makes little sense and causes greatest problems in every-day publishing life while Content Management without integrated publishing makes little sense either because managing content is only a precondition for productive publishing and no end in itself.

Jointly designed and developed

It is extremely rare that CMS and Publishing software were designed and developed as one entity. Here this is the case because we knew all too well from our own experience of generating more than 40.000 catalog pages as a service provider with third party tools that most problems come from the interface between publishing software and database structures.

This is all eliminated here! Between Elestore and Elepub interfaces, exports/imports or conversions are never needed!

To be honest, it is rather to meet the expectations of the general public why we define them as two separate products (and therefore also a little bit a marketing strategy). Technically, they are just one!