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How do you profit from Elestore? We answer this core question by giving you the results of what Elestore does for you (partially with its twin Elepub):

All product related content
in one central database
Elestore is the one central data storage for all your publication contents. This is even true for data from your ERP and other databases because such data is logically referenced from Elestore while physically remaining in your existing database.
You classify
your products
Elestore supports all leading product classification systems in the world such as: eClass, Etim, profiClass, UN/SPSC, VDMA and your own, of course.
You exchange
data in standard
data formats
Elestore supports many data exchange formats such as: Arua, BMEcat, Etim, Datanorm, Eldanorm, Gaeb, Önorm, XML, Zvehnorm, and others.
MS Office
applications are
fully integrated
Elestore fully integrates not only the data formats but especially the MS Office applications. MS Excel is used for quickly editing Elestore database data and MS Word for editing formatted texts.

You publish

product lists

indivdually formatted
price lists

or product
web sites

and product
for color print

Central data storage is the precondition for automatic publishing!

Product content management and publishing software are naturally tied to one another. Therefore, seamless automatic publishing absolutely requires a fully integrated product content management system. This is why Elestore closely co-operates with its siblings:

EleExxel is used by anyone knowing MS Excel to generate product and price lists formatted by user-defined template files.

ElePricelist is used by anyone knowing MS Excel and/or MS Word to generate individually formatted product and price lists for print, PDF or HTML or even entire product web sites in HTML.

Elepub generates sophisticated layout and creates pages for paper, e-paper or HTML from data in Elestore even if part of this data is physically remaining in your ERP or other databases.

Without Elestore all of these publishing tasks would be substantially more complicated.

You switch languages Elestore's multi-lingual text objects enable Elepub to switch between any language in just one second.
You exchange prices Exchanging prices is similar to switching languages. Elestore simply provides a different price (which can also com from your ERP system) to Elepub and enables Elepub to exchange all prices in a publication in just one second.
Data on a page is the data in the database Elestore and Elepub are twins and Elepub visualizes the data stored in Elestore. Any change to data on a page is typically a direct and instant change to the data in Elestore (this can be switched off though). Never any import, export, re-import or referencing between the two!
Data maintenance by normal office staff Elestore is as simple to use as any normal Windows software. Users need no special DTP knowledge or training as they continue to use pupular applications like MS Excel and MS Word but now fully integrated into the Elestore database system.
Inheriting data values

Data inheritance, a real first in Elestore and Elepub, dramatically eases your data maintenance effort. You create article objects in a logical and hirachical order like an inverted tree where article variants inherit (get) most of their data values from their common ancestor (mother object). Still, each article can have its own values by simply overwriting any inherited value.

Inheritance is a great advantage but you are never forced to use it (still, you will want it once you have experienced how great it works).

Text database

Re-use texts for as many purposes as needed. Store texts in Elestore and compose them in any wanted order for any needed publication. Easily administrate different language versions, which are bound together to one logical text object regardless of the language.

This means: no more text chaos, no searching for multiple text files, no texts in inaccessible DTP frames. Instead, clean order of the text database of quickly accessible and re-usable text objects.

One central database
for all types of documents
and also for quotes

Use Elestore content also for creating formal expressive quotes. Much of the data of a deatiled quote is identical to the data in product catalogs and price lists. Elestore supports all needed data some of which remain in your ERP system but are used by Elestore as virtual data entities.

Elequote, the special quote generating version, uses Elestore content for creating expressive, multi-lingual, nicely-formatted offers. Elequote is distributed to and used by your sales force and your dealers and it communicates with Elestore via the Internet.